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Eye Catching & Majestic

HeDee designs have been famous throughout West Africa since the 1970’s.

HeDee designs owe their alluring look to a unique sense of daring colour combinations and impeccable technical skills.

HeDee: It all starts with imagination...

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It's all about true beauty....

And Years of experiences...

Design B24
Design R3B5
HeDee Design: colourful sketch of a new embroidery design
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Design R3B4

You will be spoilt for choice with HeDee’s smart use of daring colours!

HeDee Logo Design
Design R4B1
HeDee Design: smart use of daring colours!

The inventive spark for new designs

comes from our love of colours and sophisticated details

HeDee Design: inspirations come from delicate details.
HeDee Design used for a fashionable lace top

HeDee's creative team

have left their mark on Parisian haute couture and learned from the best: Lesage, YSL, Dior!

Design R5B2
HeDee Design: Inspirations from the archive

International Fashion Trends

are always a great source of inspiration.