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Behind HeDee is a family full of energy and ideas that has been running the company for three generations

Driven by strong values and inspired by a common vision, they constantly explore new bounderies within the world of embroidery.

ALBERT BOESCH GmbH + CO KG has been building up its expertise over 60 years.

Proud of their heritage and bonded by a passion for the art of embroidery, they are now pleased to welcome you in the world of HeDee! A world, which has been created and developed around an opulent range of Afropolitan fabrics. A wealth of beautiful designs rounded off by special customer services, that’s what HeDee is all about!

Nicole Boesch

Is an expert in the luxury industry. Her love for design and for embroidery brought her to the company. With her commercial skills, creativity and sense of style, she is our marketing wizard and knows how to make people aware of the true value of embroidery.

Edith Okolo

Edith deploys her natural people skill to connect with customers seamlessly.
She strives to help make the customers experience with HeDee Majestic Fine Fabrics one that leaves them smiling. She joined Albert Bösch in 2015.

Helen Grahammer

Helen is a sales professional with an exellent customer service background. She identifies and explores customer needs while offering appropriate, tailored solutions to satisfy her customers. She joined Albert Bösch in 2014.

Raimund Boesch

Managing Director since 1988, he inherited the business from his father and brother. Born into this world of luxurious materials, he learned the trade from an early age and was well prepared to take over the family company. He is behind the creation and engineering of the sumptuous embroidery designs and the choice of beautiful bold colours.

Hedy Scheffknecht

Raimund’s sister worked for 40 years as head of sales. Supported by her sister-in-law Priska, they embraced their role as embroidery ambassadors and developed unique personal relationships with the African customers. Hedy applied her education in hotel management to the company and always considered clients as guests. No wonder her name became famous across West Africa and was chosen for the brand!
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The family’s history with Africa dates back to the 1970s

when one of the founder’s adventurous sons laid the cornerstone for over 40 years of business relationship with West Africa.

”We feel proud and grateful to be a part of Africa’s vibrant culture of family gatherings, opulent celebrations and lively colours. It is our dedicated aim to surprise and appeal to Africa’s fashion scene with a constant flow of new fabric designs.”

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