HeDee Embroideries are made with love & attention!

HeDee: made with love & attention

Dedicated to the highest quality standards.

We are proud about our team whose skills have continuously contributed to develop the exquisite embroidery craftmanship further and further

HeDee Lace: 100% handmade quality check
HeDee Guipure, showing the delicate signature in soft gold yarn.
HeDee Lace is made on state-of-the-art embroidery machines
HeDee is located in the heart of Austria’s embroidery centre, Lustenau.

HeDee’s home

HeDee is located in the heart of Austria’s embroidery centre, Lustenau.

HeDee Lace: Extra embellishments such as pearls, crystals or extra motives are hand-stitched onto the fabric.

Quality Details & Delicate Care Instructions

So many benefits to wearing embroidery fabrics!

Be unique and exclusive, yet comfortable! Embroidered materials always look elegant: the stitching makes the embroidery almost wrinkle free. Guipure lace for example, belongs in every woman’s travel kit: luxurious and always ready to wear, straight out of your suitcase!

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HeDee’s designs are created with the highest quality standards and a sincere attention to detail.

Our fabrics are made of the finest materials and are delicately crafted. This is why we recommend that you find a qualified drycleaner with a gentle hand for ironing.

HeDee Lace care symbols: to secure a delicate treatment of the luxurious fabric.

Cotton voile lace

from translucent to opaque!
The very fine 100% cotton based voile has been pre-shrunk and its vibrant colours are permanent.

Made R5B2

Organza Lace

The colour blend created by the double layers of material combined with the very fine poly-threads gives the fabric an impressive luster.
Iron inside out at very low temperature.

Made R5B4
Made R6B1
Made R6B2

Broderie Anglaise -
known by many different names:

* Eyelet embroidery: with distinctive, precise, regular holes.
* Tone tone: the colour of the stitching matches that of the cotton voile.
* Contrast: striking designs, created by using embroidery colours in contrast to the base fabric.
* Men’s voile: elegant shades of colours for men’s attire - made on polished cotton.
* Dry lace: light designs on 100% cotton base.

Made R6B4

Guipure Lace

An intricate web of fine lines gives a guipure design this typical see-through appearance.
HeDee also makes guipure designs stitched on light net to create beautiful, easy to tailor looks.

Made R7B2

Tulle Lace

Finest stitching on double net for delicate couture looks

Always iron with a pressing cloth to protect the fabric and avoid pulling threads.

Made R7B4


some details you should pay attention to:

* Only go to grade A drycleaners, who do not use trichloroethylene-based solvents (symbol 5)
* Do not bleach (symbol 2)
* Pay attention when drying: we recommend that you line dry your clothes in the shade (symbol 3)
* Always iron with great care – on the reverse side with a pressing cloth (symbol 4)
Only broderie anglaise may be machine washed with a gentle cycle on medium temperature (3o*C, 85°F).

* Be careful with your jewellery. The embroidery threads are soft silk-like yarns with a beautiful luster. Your most exquisite jewellery will enhance your luxurious outfit, but please be careful as it may get caught onto the fabric and pull out threads.

* Do not rub, wring or tumble-dry! Extra embellishments such as pearls, crystals or extra motives are hand-stitched onto the fabric with the greatest of care. (symbol 1)

Click here for additional information on international textile care symbols. (http://www.textileaffairs.com/docs/common-050608.pdf)

Please let us know if you are unsure on how to care for your specific design (click here)

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