HeDee comes from a world of beautiful landscapes, and magnificent nature


HeDee - it's about more than just producing Majestic Fine Fabrics….

It’s about understanding customers’ dreams and turning them into reality. People are our priority and we love to build strong, caring relationships.

HeDee Lace: elegant looks for great occasions!

We constantly stay tuned and keep a watchful eye on the market to remain at the forefront of fashion and style for our customers.

HeDee Lace: the business is build on respectful customer relationships.

Where it all began:

Hedy, Albert Boesch’s sales manager, interpreting her customers’ wishes!

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HeDee's POWER comes from their technical expertise and state-of-the-art embroidery machines.

Attention is our LUXURY
Technical expertise is our POWER
The strong bond with our customers is our DRIVE
As Family Entrepreneurs, a long term perspective is our SCOPE

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HeDee by Albert Boesch GmbH + Co KG: high tech stock room for embroidery yarn.
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Brand Care

Since the seventies,
HeDee’s mother company Albert Bösch GmbH + Co KG has been creating unique embroidery designs with a special focus on African people’s taste and sense of style and colour, building up a long lasting relationship with Nigeria.

HeDee: Not written yet - but known worldwide......
Way before we claimed the brand name, HeDee’s reputation had long been established: it was no secret among luxury fabric retailers and specialists that a HeDee Design meant high quality colourful embroidery.

The Brand HeDee was launched recently,
as a tribute to Hedy, sales manager and the founder's daughter, as well as to her customer dedication and to the renowned expertise of the Boesch family. Smartly engineered embroidery designs and bold innovative combinations of colours, that’s what makes a HeDee design a HeDee design!

Together with our partners,
we are dedicated to creating the world of HeDee in various markets, through continuous support and co-creation processes, such as in-store presentation, luxurious fashion inspiration and a constant flow of new designs.

We invest in our Brand, and we take great care.
You can recognise a true HeDee design by its signature: HeDee’s initials are embroidered in the border of each piece of fabric or onto the fabric itself as part as the design.

A brilliant synergy: The takeover by Getzner
At the end of 2016 Getzner Textil Handel GmbH took over Albert Bösch GmbH + CO KG. Well known for their famous brocade and their exclusive Swiss Voile they complement HeDee's product range perfectly. Furthermore they possess a deep market knowledge of the african textile market.

HeDee Brand protected word and trademarks:

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