You can call it traditional attire, you can call it impressive dressing.

The fact is that HeDee's tone-on-tone embroideries are made to give you that extra feel of luxury.
This rich look is created by using shades of light coloured yarn stitched on crisp polished cotton.

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Men's designs are constantly updated and range from light to heavy stitched patterns.

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HeDee Men's Voile

The right thing to wear on special occasions: a tribute to the unique culture of social gatherings

These men’s designs are available in cotton, polished cotton and cotton voile in lengths of 10 yards. Our current colour scheme ranges from true white, rich carton, elegant cognac, full rosebud and clear sky blue to dark coffee and navy.

Looking for exclusive
Aso Ebi possibilities?

HeDee also creates beautiful laces as part of your individual chosen Aso Ebi.

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